Trout fishing the tail of Rock Pool
River Tummel Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing River Tummel

The River Tummel, in Perthshire by Pitlochry, one of the main tributaries of the River Tay, is one of the finest brown trout and grayling waters in Scotland and has been a recent venue of Home International and World fly-fishing events. The trout and grayling permit water, available from Pitlochry Angling Club, covers both banks for about 5km of its length, starting at the footbridge below Pitlochry Dam, on the east bank and below the Fonab Caravan Park, on the west bank. The downstream limit is above the road bridge at Ballinluig at the Kinnaird Estate fishing notice. Be aware that the Tummel is also very popular for salmon (and occasional sea trout) fishing and remember to give way to salmon anglers who wish to fish the pools.

Hatches of olives can occur in this freestone river at any time of year and sedge flies abound during the summer evenings, when it is advisable to stay out late, as that is when most of the bigger fish move from daytime cover to feed at the surface. Captures of beautiful wild brown trout of over 1500gm and grayling of over 1000gm are not unusual. The Tummel is a very popular river with dry fly anglers and they tend to attract the bigger fish, although nymphs and spiders fished across and downstream are often successful too. Traditional Tummel patterns used to be very lightly dressed, similar to the old Clyde-style. However, these days local anglers often favour bigger flies during the sporadic spring hatches of March Brown and Large Dark Olives, or during June and July evenings and into early August when large hatches of various sedge flies regularly provoke spectacular rises. Try semi-dry patterns too, because the trout often concentrate on sedge pupae taken just below the surface. A combination rig with dry fly and nymph or sedge pupa imitation can be very effective then and at other times of year. Often a more visible dry pattern is useful as an indicator, although both the indicator dry fly and the sunk one can induce equally solid takes. Be prepared for sudden runs from the bigger fish as they use the power of the river in their efforts to escape.

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