Ruan Ruarie salmon fishing
Salmon fishing River Garry, Perthshire - Ruan Ruarie Beat

Ruan Ruarie Salmon Fishing on the River Garry, Perthshire

Like all spate rivers timing is of the essence for success on this lovely,scenic beat. Once the salmon begin to run up through the ladder(usually in early April) there will be a steady stream of fish moving through the beat. Very high water seems to hold the fish below the Soldier’s Leap but in average water conditions fish can be found in almost any of the fast streams or deeper holding pools. Successful anglers tend to move about on the beat, trying many of the likely runs, rather than sticking to one particular spot for too long. Anecdote suggests that sea trout fishing can also be good on this beat, especially late evening fishing in some of the deeper, quieter pools. Successful methods for salmon include spinning in the deep pools and fly in the tail of the deep pools and in the faster, streamier water.

There are at least 12 holding pools spread along the length of the beat, with ample water suitable for both fly and spinning. For fly fishing, a single handed rod can be used when the water is low. However, in most conditions, a double handed rod of between 12 and 14 feet gives an advantage. Fly line choice varies with water height and intermediate, sink tip and floating lines are all popular. All the popular fly patterns in a range of sizes from 10 to 6 should take fish. For spinning, a rod of nine to ten feet with fixed spool reel loaded with 12 – 15 lb breaking strain line should cover most situations. Popular spinning baits include Devon minnows, Toby spoons and Flying Cs. Natural baits are prohibited.

Starting at the top of the beat there are nice runs in the Upper Bridge and Cauldron Pools. It is worth fishing this section down to the Grilse Pool although you will need to take care making your way down. The Grilse Pool can be very good when fish are running after a spate. It is at the top of some very rough water above the Soldier’s Leap and fish tend to rest there before moving upstream. Soldier’s leap and the Viaduct Pool are good catching pools. Salmon build up here before going over the falls and in highish water they can accumulate here in considerable numbers. Fishing the tail of the Viaduct can be good when the fish are running.

Below the Viaduct are many streams and deeper pools which are well worth fishing, especially on falling water. Fly can work well in the streamier heads of the pools but spinning might be better in the deep sections.

As with all parts of the Tummel system make sure that you have suitable tackle. Some of the early spring fish can run well into the 20lbs range and you don’t want to be playing a fish of that size with light tackle in Ruan Ruarie.

On some pools the rocky nature and steep banks make wading difficult and a lifejacket should always be worn. On the stretches that it is possible to wade, a wading stick and lifejacket are recommended.

Also note that unfortunately adventure boating operators use this river quite frequently in summer and it can be advisable to fish early or late in the day to avoid this disturbance.

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