Salmon fishing Lower Tummel - Green Bank
Salmon fishing Lower River Tummel

Lower Tummel Salmon fishing

The Lower Tummel Beat is an attractive stretch of water, which extends from Moulinearn, about five kilometres from Pitlochry, down to Ballinluig, some nine kilometres from Pitlochry. It is a good fly-fishing beat with spinning only allowed during high water conditions. No natural bait fishing is allowed. Fishing is from either bank. The Lower Tummel Beat fishes well for spring fish and can fish well for grilse and summer salmon but in medium to high water can seem a very large expanse of water. Below are a few pointers to help new anglers tackle the beat but please bear in mind that this freestone river is constantly changing and take care whilst negotiating the banks and wading. Use of a life jacket and wading staff is strongly recommended.

Fishing from the Left (East) bank:

Hugh’s Pool right at the top of the beat is well worth a run through. Start at the burn mouth as you arrive at the water and fish down to below where a large tree root sticks out of the water. In reasonable water the fish will lie fairly close in to the east bank and well up at the start of the run. Killiehangie Pool used to be a great taking spot, just opposite the end of the wall but part of the wall collapsed and destroyed the lie. The run into the pool is improving year on year and an odd fish is caught there. Killiechangie Run is a great taking run with particular attention being recommended about halfway down where a small burn enters from the west bank. The lower the water, the further across the river the fish lie. The Rock Pool provides many a fish and it is worth fishing the neck of the pool ignoring the main deep hole then continuing right through as the very tail of the pool is a favourite lie. Next pool down is the Green Bank and this long run can be fished in all heights of water. Below the Green Bank there is a long stretch of nice water whose character is constantly changing with gravel movements. Brehmer Hole and the glide below it is a well-known taking area which can be fished off either bank but the main taking area tends to be close to the east bank. Anglers would then be advised to drive down to the bottom of the beat and fish off the opposite bank. Before using the level crossing at Moulinearn please read and obey the instructions on site and here . . .

Fishing from the Right (West) bank:

After parking in the marked Parking area you should walk back up the west bank. Monument pool is about 5 mins walk upstream. This is a great fly-fishing pool with fish likely to take at any time although they tend to lie to the west bank side of the main current. Don’t come out too early as many fish are taken right down at the tail, having come up through some rough water to reach the pool. With the changing nature of the lower pools due to heavy gravel movements, recently, it is well worth fishing the east bank of the lower river. Cross back over the bridge from the Monument parking area(you can drive back over but it’s hardly worth it) and walk back upstream to the very top of the Monument Pool( 5 mins). A deep channel offers a 100m or so of nice water just below the islands. Coming back downstream the Lower Monument, the last pool before the bridge, is well worth spending some time on. Accessing the Chain Pool above the Monument has become very tricky recently due to trees collapsing into the river. For the time being we would suggest ignoring this area.

To access the west bank of the Rock Pool and Greenbank involves driving along the small back road between Pitlochry and Logierait. Coming out from the Monument parking area turn right to Logierait. Take the right turn marked for Dunfallandy, at Logierait, and drive along this road for about a mile. You will see a “Tummel Protection Order” sign on the right in a dark,forestry clearing. Greenbank is printed below this sign. Park here and take a couple of minutes to walk down to the river(the track down has been recently cleared). Flyfishing the tail of the Rock Pool and Green Bank offers a great cast from this side and is well worth the effort, continuing right down past Brehmer Hole and under the wires until wading becomes tricky.

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