Loch Rannoch
Loch Rannoch fishing for trout, perch and pike.

Loch Rannoch Conservation Association (LRCA) - Fishing.

Contact LRCA Loch Conservation Officer by email lrca.permits@gmail.com or mobile 07770293559.

Permits are issued online by Pitlochry Angling Club on behalf of LRCA.

Prices: Day permit £8.00 Week permit £30.00 Season permit £60.00

Fishing permits must be purchased prior to fishing. Online booking available here.

Loch Rannoch lies alongside the B846 Tummel Bridge/Rannoch Station road which margins the north shore of the loch. Access to the south shore is via the minor road from Bunrannoch in the east to Rannoch Barracks in the west. Spectacular surroundings and outstanding fishing potential for brown trout, perch and pike. Google map link

The loch is over 10 miles long east/west by up to 1 mile wide and drops to over 130m in depth at the east end. There are numerous camping sites and picnic areas beside the loch. The dominant feature is Schiehallion (1083m), one of Scotland’s best-known mountains.

Loch Rannoch trout
A fine Loch Rannoch trout

Loch Rannoch is most noted for its huge ferox trout. Even in recent years, double-figure fish are caught and 1991 produced 4 ferox of up 12lb 10oz in weight. In 1999, a fish of 15lb 8oz was landed. Apart from these specimen fish, the majority of trout in Loch Rannoch are of more modest proportions and average in the order 10oz, but good numbers of larger trout, of up to and over 2lb in weight, are taken most seasons. The loch also contains pike and perch. Trout may be taken from virtually anywhere around the banks of the loch. In the early spring, and in the autumn, ferox trout are sometimes caught from the shore, particularly where streams enter the loch.

Boats can be launched from the dedicated launching point beside the hydro, approximately midway along the North Shore and a permit is required for this, purchased in advance from the Loch Conservation Officer. This provides the most comfortable way of exploring this vast water. The most productive fishing areas are generally at the West end of the Loch and around the island of "Eilean nam Faoileag", a home for numerous birds during the Spring and Autumn, and the subject of numerous legends locally.

Map of fishing:

Loch Rannoch Map


  1. It is a statutory offence to fish without a properly authorised permit.
  2. Purchasing a fishing permit for Loch Rannoch, gives permission to fish for Trout, Perch and Pike only.
  3. Each permit is valid only for the person in whose name it is issued for the period stated and is for ONE ROD only.
  4. Fishing is permitted from the bank only – NO WADING.
  5. The Trout Season is from 15th March to 6th October inclusive.
  6. Trout which are less than nine inches in length must be returned to the water unharmed.
  7. Use of live fish as bait is strictly forbidden.
  8. The Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Protection) (Scotland) Act 1951 prohibits fishing for or taking freshwater fish except by single rod and line.
  9. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code should be observed at all times. Please leave no litter, close all gates and take care not to disturb cattle, crops or fences.
  10. Safety: please be aware that loch and river water levels can change rapidly especially at the western end and the shore drops away steeply in places around the loch.
  11. The issuer will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury arising through the exercise of the entitlement conferred by this permit.
  12. Permit holders will be bound by the Regulations. Warden(s) patrol the loch and you may be required to show your permit.

Download a printable version of the information, map and rules.

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