Tummel Garry Protection Order

Protection Orders can refer to all species of freshwater fish except Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout which have their own independent legislation. The Tummel/Garry Protection Order covers Arctic Charr, Grayling, Pike and Perch as well as Brown Trout.

It is a criminal offence to fish for salmon without the legal right or without written permission from the owner of the right. In the case of fishing for trout and other freshwater fish, fishing without permission is a civil rather than a criminal offence. However, unauthorised fishing can be made the subject of criminal proceedings under the Theft Act 1607, where any person removing fish from a stank - any artificial pond or reservoir which has been stocked and has neither inlet nor outlet - without authority is guilty of theft.

Where a Protection Order is in force, it is a criminal offence to fish for or take freshwater fish in the inland waters in the prescribed area without legal right, or written permission from the correct person.

Protection Orders are made under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003 and there are 14 Protection Orders currently in force. A map of these areas is also available.

Information on other fishing within the Tummel Garry Protection Order Area:

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